During the late 70s and early 80s when the world was under the influence of Star Wars, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth two individuals were born, leagues apart, that one day would give birth to a baby boy . . . the journey has begun.

Olena and Dave are excited to welcome their new son, Torryn Reed the first week of December.  The mural in the nursery is painted and the two of them have been prepping and collecting baby gear.  There are lots of ways to handle the new life changes and of course Olena and Dave have their own way. Olena has taken a deep dive into art projects and has created tiny art stations all over the house between naps and waffles.  Dave has torn apart half the house to to start a flooring and trim project, while spending his evenings massaging Oleana's feet, cleaning the kitchen (again) and nagging her to drink water.   The love is strong and everything is moving forward. 

Gifts & Registry

Oh it is fun to give baby gifts, Dave and Olena have a registry on Amazon (click text below) but have also outlined some other needs. They are looking for not just newborn gear but gifts for the first couple years of Torryn's life.  


Handmade Gifts are always a treasure


Gift Cards from PCC, Trader Joes, Amazon & Costco


Hand-me-downs are a win! Gently Used Clothing & Baby Gear.


Books, Books & More Books



Olena and Dave are blessed to have a strong community and lots of love in their lives. Thank you to everyone who has shared information, passed down baby gear, maternity clothes and shared the love during this magical time. 

Special Thank You to Jean, Denise, Roni, Kim, Ericka, Joyce and Angela, for supporting and planning baby showers.  Thank you to Josh, Jen, Gina, Janet  and Stephanie for all the baby gear and resources.